Jewelers Paper Tool Kit

10 – Customized Diamond Grading Trays, scored for folding, Full color, 1 side Card stock, great for grading and provides photo opportunity showing your company logo

300 sheets/6 pads of 50 – Sorting Pads, Nice & Heavy paper stock, Pad glued on top & Bottom

Full color, one side size 12”x9” sheet size, These pads provide a sorting area to work on as well as provides a great Area for Photos of your items (showing your Company logo, info, and Ruler area gives size reference)

100 Envelopes, Customized Job Envelopes. 4-1/2 x 6-3/4”,  Full color, 1 side, Flap on the small end.

Includes Graphic layout with your supplied Company logo and info.




Jewelers Tool Kit (3 items)

  • Custom Imprinted diamond color trays
  • Custom Imprinted sorting pads
  • Custom imprinted job envelopes

What’s next?

Once you place your Kit order, please send your imprinting content to


  • High-resolution Company logo,   Formats: PDF, AI
  • Company address, phone, email, etc

We will email you proof before we print.
Larger Quantity Discounts: For larger orders, email the quantities and info to and we will get you a quote



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