Sign Hanging Instructions Using Aluminum Stand-Off Hangers

Step 1

Position the sign on the wall in the location where it will hang. Use a bubble level to make sure sign is level.


Step 2

While holding the sign in position, and level, use a pencil to mark all 4 holes, drawing a circle inside each hole.

Step 3

Remove sign from wall.

Step 4

Using a pencil, mark the center of all 4 circles that were drawn on wall. (These 4 dots are the screw locations)

Step 5

Place screw through the larger open end of the aluminum standoff barrel and into the smaller hole on the back of the barrel.

Step 6

Align screw with the pencil dot and attach all 4 aluminum barrels onto the wall. No pre-drilling is needed if attaching to sheetrock and/or wood. (If you are attaching to Concrete, Brick or Steel, you must predrill using a 3/16” carbide tip drill bit.)

Step 7

Use the 4 aluminum screwcaps, and plastic washers (one on each side of the sign), to secure the sign to the wall.

If you have questions regarding hanging your sign, please visit for contact information.

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